Hydrographics Training


Hydro Style UK is now proud to offer our services to the public for training in all aspects of hydrographics. From painting to printing we can cover it all. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. From beginners who need to cover every step to those who need to concentrate on the finer points of hydroprinting we can tailor your training days to suit your needs.


We are located in Preston, Lancashire and only 5 minutes away from junction 1 of the M55 meaning we are easy to find and much more accessible than you may have thought. We go out of our way to ensure that from start to finish your day(s) with us go smoothly and answer all questions you may have as throughly as possible. We want you to leave us armed with all the knowledge you need to make your business a success.


As mentioned, we take all skill levels whether you have never picked up a piece of sand paper or are a seasoned veteran looking for a little guidance we are happy to help. Here are just a few of the things we can help with:


  • Straight forward pricing of £350 per day
  • The steps involved in successful surface preparation
  • Painting (a huge subject in itself which may require a dedicated day depending on your skill level)
  • Dipping essentials. i.e. how to prepare films, how to plan a dip and all the do’s and don’ts involved with hydroprinting as well as some incredibly useful indsutry secrets and tips that can save a lot of headache for the newcomers
  • Activation Masterclass covering the various aspects of what can go wrong with incorrect gun setup and incorrect application
  • Clear coating training covering the finer points of getting the finish your customers expect
  • Polishing and final finishing of your items
  • Troubleshooting and rectifying issues such as touchups, airbrushing etc
  • General advice on getting your business off the ground
  • Help with marketing advice
  • Nice discounts on our entire range while you are with us meaning you can stock up on those essentials at a great price before you leave
  • Group booking discounts
  • Fully tailored days mean we can skip the things you know if that is what you would prefer and concentrate on the things you really want to learn. This avoids you wasting time on things you already have a good handle on


Training is carried out at our Preston workshop however if required we can also provide in house training for those wanting to learn on their own equipment. There would be an extra charge to cover fuel costs etc should this be the case but this is not much.


There is no pressure on you to commit to more than one day if a day is all you need. The emphasis is that we want you to get all that you need from your time with us.


For any enquiries regarding training please contact us using our contact page.


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